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Creativity & Innovation Camps
Ignite the Creative Genius in your Child
Activity-based Online Camps for Children
Age Group: 8 - 15 years 
*Now available for children in the US & Canada: Click here!
Learn with Fun Participating in Supercool Workshops

2 Distinct Tracks | 6 days of Learning per Workshop
Live Online Classes | 
Hands-on Activities | DIY home-based Tasks

Creator Track

For children who love to fly with their imagination. Children will enhace their writing, articulation, narration, presentation skills and build their digital presence with the creator track.



June 21  - July 10

Learn to Create and Present Stories at this Workshop. 

Imagine the fascinating Sci-fi tales of the Future World. Tell your stories creating narratives, plots and dialogues.


Creative Writing

July 12 - July 31

Learn to Express yourself with Creative Writing Techniques letting your creativity flow 100 times more than ever at the workshop finding your own way of expression.


Content Creation

Aug 02 - Aug 21

Want to find your Voice or Wondering how to become a social media sensation?

Learn to create great content and present your ideas with Blogging and Vlogging. 

Innovator Track

For children who dream of becoming innovators and entrepreneurs. Children will enhace their critical thinking, hands-on skills, problem solving and decision making skills.


Design Thinking

June 21  - July 10

Learn the Creative Way of Solving Worldly Problems. Help the world with your imagination, and Innovative Solutions. Learn to use Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving


Rapid Prototyping

July 12 - July 31

Learn to quickly create a model of your idea. Learn about different prototyping methods, platforms and tools with the cost-effective and fastest way to prototype.



Aug 02 - Aug 21

Learn to take your revolutionary idea but don't know how to take it forward in the real-world. Learn to validate ideas with customers. Learn to create a business from scratch.

Learn with Laughter and Enjoyment at
Creativista - Creativity and Innovation Online Camps!
*Now available for children in US & Canada (Pacific Time): Click here for details

Learn in a Group | Learn to work in teams | Connect & Collaborate
Give a boost to your child's social and emotional skills while learning online

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Our Unique Pedagogical Approach

Creative at Core

Creativity is Central to the Teaching-learning process at MakeShift. At every session, children unleash their own Creative Genius with hands-on Activities



Use of Technology is Practiced and Spirit of Innovation is Nurtured during each and every session of ours! Children come to know why, how and where to use technology  



Our workshops help children to imbibe social and emotional skills too along with the knowledge of disciplines. They learn to reflect, self-assess, collaborate and learn with peers



We Love Asking Questions and Children are Encouraged to ask any number of Questions during our Workshops. With Inquiry-based approach, they discover important concepts

What do our little champs and their parents say about us?
My whole perspective changed when my daughters join the Summer Camp. Our girls have found out an effective way to express themselves, a blog or a vlog and it’s very constructive. It is pleasure watching them doing activities in group, having conference calls just like we do for office and put thoughts together. We would like to whole heartedly thank you.

- Amol Karpe (Father of Sanaja & Sanwi - Creativista Summer Camp Participants)
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How to Join Creativista Camps?

Simple, Just Follow these 4 easy Steps! 

  1. Go through the details of all the workshops

  2. Select the workshop or track of your choice 

  3. Register for the Camp by Paying the Fees

  4. Get a Confirmation Message on WhatsApp!


In case of any doubt, WhatsApp Us!

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