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Design thinking workshop

Have you ever wondered how to help the world with your skills?

MakeShift brings Design Thinking Workshop for children of ages 8-12 years.

Why Design Thinking?

It is a Scientific Method of Solving Problems

Design Thinking is the Art of Innovation, it's a Mindset for becoming an Innovator

It teaches to use your Tech Skills for helping the World

If you want to start your own venture or social project sometime in future,
Design Thinking is the way to go!

What will you Learn during the Workshop?

UN's Sustainable Development Goals 

Pocess of generating ideas

Find problems worth solving 

Quickly develop a prototype of your solution 

Essential tools for innovation 

You will get the following:

Ideation Journal

Participation Certificate

Guidance on taking your ideas forward 

Social media feature on MakeShift's page for selected project ideas

Scholarship to selected students for 1-year Innovation & Entrepreneurship
program based on their project ideas and motivation to take them forward. 

Book your seats now!!!

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Book now only for ₹1500/-

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