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Do you know what makes Astronauts awesome?

They explore unknown terrains in the space where others can’t reach and experiment on things that no one could ever think about!

Isn’t that Awesome?

Make your Child’s Dreams come True!

MagicWings is a platform for children of grades 4 to 8 (or age group 9-13) to make your childhood dreams come true by exploring and experimenting with different 21st Century Professions.


It is an opportunity for your child to know about various professions, acquire 21st Century Skills, profession-specific skills, Identify their strengths and potentials before making a career decision. 


Find your calling. Follow your dreams. Acquire 21st Century Skills.


Design your Future!

*MagicWings Programs are available as 3-months and 6-months Courses at the moment. App coming soon!

Book a Free Demo Class

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What is MagicWingz?


Why MagicWingz?

“If I knew how to become a ‘Scientist’ when I was young, my life would have been different!” 

We hear this from many people who are unhappy with their jobs because their childhood dreams are not fulfilled.

MagicWings gives an open platform for children to carve their path towards making their dreams come true!


Child’s Journey with MagicWings

For Children of Grades 4 to 8


Give Wings to your Child's Dreams

Gift them MagicWings!

Thanks for your interest!

We will get in touch with you soon.

Design Future of a Generation, bring MagicWings to your School! 

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