What is MagicWingz?  

Live online skill-development programs for children of ages 9-13 years

Master 21st Century Skills

Develop Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mindset

Why MagicWingz? 

MagicWingz exclusive programs help children to stand out as distinguished young minds. With expert facilitators and specialized assistance, we take your child on a journey that Nourishes Curiosity, Develops 21st Century Skills and Competencies, Enables Learning through Play, and ultimately transforms your child into a Problem-Solving Creative Individual using Authentic and Experiential Learning Frameworks.

Are you ready to take over the 21st Century?

Developing Identity, Become Self-Aware, Shine with Confidence.

Groom yourself to become Future-ready, with MagicWingz! 

Unlock the GENIUS in you.. 

The MagicWingz Way 
Program Details

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Assess your child's Creativity, Innovation Abilities and 21st Century Skills


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