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How To Help Your Kid Succeed In The 21st Century? A MakeShift Guide For Parents


The 21st century has brought about profound changes to our global society. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, we see significant shifts in how people interact and do their jobs. These changes have also impacted education, making it imperative that students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will help them succeed in the 21st century.

This blog post will focus on ways to support your child's development of these 21st Century skills throughout their school years and how you can help your kid succeed in the 21st century.

You may not be able to shield them from every shift that is happening around them, but you can equip your children with tools that will help increase their chances of success in the ever-changing world ahead of them!

Let's get started!

How Important Are 21st Century Skills For Students?

Schools are increasingly focusing on giving students access to computers and other technological amenities with the digital revolution. They are also increasingly concerned with providing students with hands-on computer skills like programming, networking, systems analysis, and data mining. Therefore, making students learn these kinds of 21st Century skills today will help them achieve a competitive edge over anyone else when it comes to an ever-expanding list of 21st Century Careers that require high levels of skill using technology.

Researchers and academic leaders have predicted over the last decade that the jobs our children will fill in 2030 no longer exist yet. With such a rapid rate of change, it is essential to provide them with skills that transcend classroom instruction--skills they'll need no matter what career they eventually pursue.

While there are numerous definitions for 21st Century Skills for students, we turn to Dr. Guy Cross's description of them as "technologies and transferable skills which allow us to express ourselves creatively and competitively." This definition includes specific technical opportunities like fluency in math and science, creativity dimensions like perspective-taking and aesthetic sensibility, learning eclecticism, including analytic reasoning, complex problem-solving, inquiry-based investigation, which are essential for kids to learn today.

What Characteristics Require In a Kid to Succeed In The 21st Century?

For children to thrive in this new world, we can't just accept the status quo. We must expect more of them and provide the opportunities that will help them get there.

The characteristics require in kids to succeed in the 21st century with 21st Century Skills:

1) A high degree of independence and self-sufficiency.

2) The ability to rapidly learn and apply knowledge and skills as an individual, organization, or enterprise transforms a global economy. It is about mastering complexity, collaboration, and continuous learning abilities across many areas, including reading comprehension, math, higher-level thinking, problem-solving, application of knowledge, and tools such as computers, internet access, both wired and wireless networks. Such skills will continue to be critical through adulthood.

3) Understanding human development with goal setting and decision-making skills appropriate for time management at school age is also needed to achieve future goals.

How To Help Your Kid Succeed In The 21st Century?

Help your kids succeed in the 21st century by making sure they have a good education. Some people say that a good education is no longer necessary with all the new technology, but a foundation in learning and knowledge will always be applicable.

For children to truly succeed, they need an education that will look at how they learn instead of what they need to know. Many educational systems cater to different types of learners, such as the Montessori method or Waldorf Schools. Just do not get stuck on a system because each child needs their unique approach rather than making all children fit into one box.

Let's look at how 21st Century Skills for students can help your kids!

  1. Builds Interpersonal Skills

21st Century Skills help your kid discover the best method to build and maintain relationships with other people. Help them find their "place" in the world and be able to pick out practical communication skills.

You would want to teach your child how to communicate effectively and state what they mean without hurting another person's feelings or coming across as rude. Help them learn through different role-playing scenarios and by having you model for them (show, don't just tell them).

2. Helps In Setting Goals

21st Century Skills also assist your kids in setting goals. It helps them succeed by working hard to achieve those goals. You should help them figure out what they would like to do or accomplish and how it will influence their lives positively. Together, you and your kid can explore a path that works for their personality type.

If they enjoy the outdoors, maybe they want to work as a park ranger, like animals and interact with people, or work at a zoo. Learning the skills of the 21st century will help them find their niche and influence their decision-making by asking questions to help them discover what works for them.

3. Helps Achieve Self-Responsibility

Making your kids entirely responsible for themselves is probably one of the most important skills you can teach your kids!

Helping them understand that everything in life is an experience, and it's up to you to figure out how to handle those experiences is critical. It will make them realize that every choice has consequences.

It will help your kid succeed in this world because now they know why things happen. They know "why" before something, so if there are consequences, they will understand why and won't be completely shocked when it happens.

4. Strengthens Resilience

Being resilient would help kids to get through life's challenges with determination to overcome the obstacles that come their way. By teaching your kid that life isn't always easy, you tell them that if they want something wrong enough, they must work hard towards it!

Helping them find alternative ways of doing things or thinking about different options for solutions is critical here. If they get held back by one challenge, teach them how to figure out another solution to still succeed in reaching their goal.

5. Embraces Creativity

Allowing your child to explore new ideas without judgment helps kids succeed! Creativity will enable children to think outside the box. It will help them to come up with new ways of doing things. By practicing the invention, you are also allowing them to think critically about problems.

Helping kids understand that there are many ways to solve a problem will help their critical thinking skills!

6. Teaches Critical Thinking

Having your children think critically about what they have helps them succeed by using logic rather than emotions. It would also include teaching discernment when teaching critical thinking, meaning it's essential for kids to learn how to tell the difference between facts and opinions.

Teach your child not only why something is a fact but what makes it factual (reasons/examples). You can also encourage critical thinking in kids through asking questions, making observations, posing judgments, or criticizing others' ideas.

7. Makes Understand Logical Thinking

Knowing how to make sense of things is crucial in critical thinking, which helps kids face challenges throughout life. Using logic will help your children understand why something happened the way that it did.

Helping them differentiate between causation and correlation would also help with logical thinking. If A happened before B, there might have been a cause-and-effect, but it could just be a coincidence if A happens after B. Critical thinking requires judgment, so knowing the difference is critical!


In the 21st century, success is all about skills. If your kids don't have these crucial skills in their arsenal when they grow up, it will be much more challenging to succeed in any career path. The good news is that a child can learn many of these skills before turning 10! Woah!

We are here to assist you in this beautiful journey. Contact MakeShift today to ensure your kid has what they need to get ahead and stay competitive in this fast-paced world. We offer one-on-one tutoring with certified teachers who are experts in helping children develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities early.

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