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Strengthening 21st Century Teaching-Learning, MakeShift Organizes Workshops For Education Leaders

As a stepping stone towards 21st Century teaching and learning, MakeShift organized a virtual hands-on online workshop titled 21st Century Teaching, Educational Leadership and Beyond on Saturday, 19 December 2020. The agenda of the workshop revolved around discussing how to upskill teaching in the 21st Century, exploring varying technological tools available at the disposal of teachers, the role of education leaders in bringing change in the existing education system, the overall transformation of schools and taking a closer glance at the to-be-implemented New Education Policy 2020.

The three-hour workshops were conducted in two different time-slots. In total, in both sessions, we received the registration of close to 200 participants, all of whom hailed from diverse social, demographic and education professional backgrounds.

As the workshops commenced, the participants were asked to get right into some interesting activities that successfully laid the ground for a joyful mood, energetic environment and a conducive ambiance for the workshop to proceed.

The interactive sessions that followed were filled with exchanging thoughts, sharing opinions, working hands-on on varying teaching tools, brainstorming ideas, having discussions about 21st Century Teaching and how to be NEP ready.

In the end, we received some overwhelming responses and positive feedback, both oral and written by our enthusiastic participants. As per the data collected from the feedback forms, the workshops progressed largely on the expectations of our participants and was "well-executed", in the words of Manisha Salunke-Phepade, an Assistant Teacher at Pragnya Bodhini High School, Mumbai.

Revathy Gurumoorthy, PGT and ATL in-charge at Air Force School Hebbal, Bangalore said, "the workshop was very interesting and relevant to the NEP and well-aligned towards its implication. It focused on the importance of acquiring 21st-century skills and digital competency that would enable the teaching fraternity to be future-ready for the forthcoming changes in education".

"It was a wonderful experience to connect with a dedicated team of educators. Not only the workshop enhanced my knowledge of tech tools, but it also paved way for collaboration with other school leaders to share thoughts on steps towards implementing NEP and to be an example of a 21st-century school", said G. Lily Jebamalar, teacher and ATL in-charge, DAV Model School, IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal.

Interestingly, the workshop witnessed the participation of people from across the borders. "I wish to congratulate MakeShift for superbly organizing the workshop. The organizational design of the workshop was solidly based on the future learning needs and skills of mankind", Mushtaq Ali Jindani, Director of Education, Theosophical Order of Service, Pakistan.

We, as a team, thank and salute the enthusiasm and consistent efforts of our educational leaders and changemakers who are putting in their maximum efforts to make the education system future-ready.

If you are also interested to associate with these changemakers, ping us at and join MakeShift's community of 21st Century Schools and Education Leaders. Besides, if you are interested in knowing more about the opportunities we have for you, you can book a free consultation with us.

For the upcoming month of January, we are also grooming ourselves to organize a hands-on workshop on 'NEP Readiness' for teachers exclusively. In case you are interested, book for the same here.

Udisha Srivastav is currently working as a Content Manager with MakeShift.


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