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A 21st Century Global Innovation School For children of ages 8-15 years

Online | Creative | Hands-on | Holistic


The New Education Policy of India emphasizes Skill-based, Practical and Experiential Learning. After helping 1000+ children with problem-solving skills through Design Thinking and Innovation, MakeShift is bringing Shift School - a year-long engagement for children of ages 8-15 years in 2 different tracks:

Leadership Track

Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Track

Young Students

Our Approach

Shift School is a 1-year program where children will be exposed to a number of skills with the following:

● Facilitator driven group sessions.                    ● Collaborative Activities
● Minor and Major Projects                                ● Open Forums
● Mentoring

Classes will be held in agroup of 6-8 children, twice a week.



At MakeShift, we believe in activity-based, project-based and experiential learning pedagogy. Our facilitators are experts in learner-centered pedagogies. A typical class or workshop at MakeShift, contains an introductory activity, a deep experience activity, break-out rooms and peer reflection, feedback and
a small homework activity. It helps children to get introduced to new concepts
in a fun way, work in teams for small activities, thoroughly understand concepts through experiential activities and homework tasks. With peer reflection and feedback, they appreciate each other’s efforts and give constructive feedback
for improvement. This part helps them to take feedback positively and develop
a habit of reflection.

Shift school curriculum consists of twice a week facilitator-led sessions.

Total no. of facilitator-led Sessions: 100
Complementary Sessions: 20

Complimentary Sessions include Guest lectures, mentoring/ counselling sessions, open forums and virtual field visits.

A physical camp, common to all, will be organised towards the end of the 3rd module depending on the situation at that time.

The Shift school will be conducted under 2 different tracks; both are divided into 4 different modules.

Shift School - A Holistic Curriculum for Creative Geniuses

Creative Leadership Track

The Creative Leadership track is designed for children having artistic or creative orientation (although not a prerequisite). This track helps children to advance
their reading, writing, observation and research skills. Children acquire knowledge here for writing for publications, finding their voice as a creative person, creating their presence in the digital world, gaining insights on media, liberal arts, using their creativeskills for solving larger problems in the world with a
launchpad for venturing out in the creative space.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Track

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship track is designed for the children who wish to take up on the larger problems in the society and work towards making the world a better place. This program helps children to develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills which are the most important for inculcating innovation and entrepreneurship mindset in them. They develop research, design and technology skills (depending on their project requirements) which will lead them to take up entrepreneurship as their path with a launchpad for venturing out.

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Program Fees

Rs. 50,000/- inclusive of everything

Physical camp, if organised, will be taken as a separate exercise than the above.

Group discounts and scholarships available.

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