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21st Century Teacher Program 
Learning and Development Program for Teachers to innovate and implement changes in the new Education Policy
in their classrooms with courses, workshops and innovative teaching tools and methods
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What is 21st Century Teacher Program?

On the advent of the new National Education Policy 2020, it is an opportunity for the Indian education system to lead the change by aligning itself with the best education systems around the world. This requires us to think beyond academics and invest in bringing creativity, criticality, and innovation to the teaching-learning process by making it more experiential and holistic. 

Our program has been curated with enough care, keeping in mind the professional requirements and personal growth of the teachers and educators. Get deep insights into our elaborative and extensive program here.

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To bring innovation to the classroom, MakeShift’s teacher development program works on 4 different levels; each complementing the other. They create a blend of skill development, self-awareness, reflection and experience design to design learning experiences for students.


Our Unique Teacher Professional Development Framework


Self-Paced Courses

10 short Certified Self-paced Courses for Teachers to embrace changes in education and implement NEP 2020 in their classroom. Here is a list of the individual courses. 

  • Teaching and Assessing with Technology

  • Innovating for the Classroom

  • Teaching for Local to Global

  • Teaching 21st Century Skills

  • Applying Design Thinking

  • Integrating Curriculum

  • Integrating Vocational Education 

  • Implementing NEP 2020

All of our courses are certified. You may take the courses of your choice or the full package as well. 

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Capacity Building Workshops 

Our hands-on experiential workshops for Teachers and Educators assist them to learn contemporary skills to be ahead of the time and to lead the change in education due to globalization, pandemic, and the advent of the new national education policy. Take a glance at the following topics that form the core idea of our workshops.  

  • Design Thinking  

  • Creative Thinking 

  • Critical Thinking 

  • Problem Solving 

  • Decision Making 

  • Awareness, Reflection, and Expression 

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Becoming a Changemaker

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Reflective Assessments 

Reflective Assessments are great ways to assess one's capabilities to understand their strengths and identify opportunities to progress. Our Assessments consist of Quizzes and Metacognitive Questions to  look deeper into yourself. Check them out for free!

  • Know your Strengths & Identities   

  • How Innovative are You?

  • Are you a 21st Century Teacher?

  • Who am I as a Teacher?

  • Are you a Critical Thinker?

  • Are you a Problem Solver?

  • How decisive are you? 

  • Test your 21st Century Skills

All these assessments are provided with detailed analytical reports. 

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Ready to Use Facilitation Toolkits

Confused about how to upgrade your classroom according to the NEP?  We provide you with hands-on toolkits and frameworks for applying educational theories in your classroom.


Check our diverse NEP Ready Toolkits:

  • Design Thinking  

  • Learning with Challenges

  • Project-based Learning

  • Teaching Coding 

  • Teaching 21st Century Skills

  • Integrating Curriculum

  • Bringing Real-world to connect in academics

  • Facilitating at Technology Innovation Labs (STEM, ATL)

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Teacher Mentoring 

We aim to upskill the teaching methods by bringing in the 21st century way of teaching with the help of changemakers.

Thus, we provide constant support to you with our Teacher Mentoring sessions in the form of:

  • On-demand mentoring to resolve your queries

  • Deepening your understanding of concepts and NEP 2020

  • Interpreting the findings of Reflective Assessments

  • Setting goals for your classroom

  • Assisting you to implement innovations

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