About Us

In the times of the 4th industrial revolution, United Nations Sustainable  Development Goals, and a pandemic, the world needs much more than technical competencies from the future workforce. In addition to foundational and technical skills, higher order thinking skills and 21st century skills are important than ever. These skills include creativity, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, problem solving and decision making. 


At MakeShift, we bring to you building blocks of the future through our innovative courses and skill development programs. They will not just help you to acquire skills but also help you to design your own path. With our values and hands on approach to the skill development curriculum, we help you to adapt and embrace the change!  


Join hands with us to design the future!

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To Democratize Innovation through developing a right mindset driven by reflection, mindfulness, creativity, and responsibility in individuals to make the world a better place leaving no one behind.



To equip individuals for real-world problem-solving for UN SDGs and Industry 4.0 through educating them on Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship mindset, 21st-century skills, and Higher-order thinking skills for making them global citizens creating indigenous solutions.

Our Values


Meet the Team

Sharwari Kulkarni

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Co-founder, Designated Partner

Sharwari is an engineer turned educator and education program manager. She has 8 years of multidisciplinary experience in program design, management, innovation, teaching, training and content development in education. With a taste for academics and research, she loves to work on taking new initiatives for solving community problems specifically to education and skill development. She believes that empowering educators to innovate is important in order to bring the systemic change. She holds MTech in Biomedical Engineering from VIT, Vellore and MA in Education from TISS, Mumbai

Ruchira Sawant

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Co-founder, Designated Partner

Ruchira has 7 years of experience in teaching school students working on conceptual and hands-on teaching. She is a Maker, Science, Empathy and Design Educator with a keen interest in developing higher-order thinking skills of learners. She is a well-known public speaker and space, science and feature writer in Marathi with a publishing record in major Marathi and English newspapers. She believes in creating complementary systems to school education for building a bridge between real world and academics is important. She holds Bachelors degree in Physics from Mumbai University.

  • Design Thinking  

  • Learning with Challenges

  • Project-based Learning

  • Teaching Coding 

  • Teaching 21st Century Skills

  • Integrating Curriculum

  • Bringing Real-world to connect in academics

  • Facilitating at Technology Innovation Labs (STEM, ATL)

Udisha Shrivastava

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Content Manager

Udisha is an experienced content writer who firmly believes that education isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity, a sole thing that can groom individuals, generations and society. She takes absolute joy in reading, researching, writing and knitting her experiences and expressions together with words. She holds a Bachelors' degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Delhi University.

Manika Pathania

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Graphics Designer

Manika is a creative, out-of-the-box thinker with an eye for detail. She uses design to make everything visually appealing, converting the thoughts into a design. She believes that Design brings meaning to lives, being more than just Art, a process to problem solving.

She holds Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Chitkara University.

Jayanti Banerjee

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General Manager

Jayanti has a rich industry experience in leading corporates as HR Head. Coming from a defence family, she has a sense of discipline and cross-cultural exposure.

At MakeShift, she is often seen multitasking and keeping up creative folks with maintaining deadlines. She holds MBA in PM&IR (HR) from Symbiosis Pune.

Peer M Hanim 

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Curriculum Developer

Hanim has 10 years of experience in the education field ranging from teaching to leadership roles. She is primarily interested in areas like Early Childhood, Elementary, and STEM education. She is an alumnus of TISS and holds post-graduate degrees in Education and English. She has also extended her support to teach underprivileged children.

Siddhi Mahajan

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Curriculum Developer

Siddhi holds a Bachelor of Education degree along with Masters in Physics from Mumbai university. She has two years of experience teaching in schools. She is a published author of two books and has written feature articles in various genres including Science popularization and education in Marathi and English in various newspapers and magazines. She believes that innovation in education is the core need to change the mindset of students make them think out of the box.

Shristi Mishra

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Design Intern

Shristi Mishra is a creative brain who closely works with MakeShift's Design team. She is a graduate in English Literature and is currently pursuing M.Sc in Mass Media for Children. In her leisure time, she loves reading books and creating Digital Art. She believes that our little progressive efforts together can evolutionize the current education system.