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What we do?

Student Programs

Grades (4-12)


Teacher Professional Development


School Transformation Programs


MagicWings Student Programs

(for students of grades 4-8) 

Find your true calling with MagicWings!


MagicWings are a set of special programs for helping children to make their dreams come true. It is built for students of grades 4-8 for playful exploration and experimentation of STEAM and Humanities professions.


It aims to nurture learner's higher-order thinking skills by developing their mindset to prepare them for jobs of the future, taking an informed choice. It is based on principles of Authentic Learning and Experiential Education for holistic development. 

Be the Real Change Maker of 21st century!

Embracing the holistic professional development of teachers and educators, we have carefully crafted a program to lead the new change by equipping teachers and educators with new skills and technologies so that they stand at the forefront of Education 2.0.

Using the unique framework based on 4-pillars: Courses, Capacity Building Workshops, Reflective Assessments and Ready to use Facilitation Toolkits, with Mentoring Sessions, teachers can up skill themselves to innovate for their Classrooms with NEP 2020. 

Get a hold of our customised '21st Century Teacher' course today. Check out here.


NEP Implementation with Design-based School Transformation

Become the 1st NEP Ready School!

School transformation programs by MakeShift consists of curated offerings for curricular, pedagogical and structural transformations designed to fit the school's requirement for implementing the National Education Policy 2020.

The program is based on Design Thinking based approach for creating educational innovations at your school. Under this, tailor-made solutions for leadership, management, teachers and students will be provided with special focus on curricular and technology integration, creating innovation ecosystem, experiential education, revamping assessments with a global perspective and a strong community support. 

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