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MakeShift Launches 21st Century Teaching Skills Course, Aims To Prepare Powerhouse Teachers

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

In this fast-pacing world, technology has covered almost every ounce of our breathing spaces, thus becoming an inherent part of our lives. More so, in recent times, technology has unfurled itself as an even more potent and reliable creation, be it revolutionizing the varying aspects of our lives or making them invariably easier when the prevailing conditions don't allow so.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still a reality. However, zooming the lens in the educational landscape, one would find that the virus has very well drifted the anomaly, in what we can call 'a new normal' in the education and learning sector. In this new customized world, online education, imparted in the safety and comfort of our homes, is gaining pace. While it is easy for young children and youth to get accustomed to the new technological tools, the harsh ordeal has left the teachers outworked and challenged, most of the time. There are innumerable anecdotes that list the plight of teachers and their poor technological encounters during the online classes in this pandemic induced lockdown.

Adding further, the nightmare of online teaching wasn't over for teachers and the government also slid the ambitious and visionary project, called National Education Policy 2020 in the public domain. One reason for celebrating the new policy is its final arrival and the other, its emphasis on embracing innovation, accelerating creative skills in students, and imbibing technology solutions while making a shift towards digital. All this calls for celebration and joy! However, it heightens the dilemma of teachers who are the major stakeholders in our education system and would be soon entrusted with the task of giving the students hands-on experience with technology among other things.

Thus, for one, to stay persistent in following their professional passion, two, to be future-ready to impart modern education in a significantly new packaged way, and three, to ramp up themselves according to the needs of the time, it has become inevitable for teachers to get technologically sorted and only then ease would tread in their hectic teaching schedules.

Keeping all the factors in focus, MakeShift has tailored a course to specifically cater to the needs of the teachers. The umbrella of 10 self-paced short course named, 21st Century Teacher aims to prepare teachers for all the hurdles that might come their way in imparting the best quality education to their children. It's a series of courses for teachers for being future-ready!

Interestingly, the first course of the umbrella series called Hands-on with Tech 101 deals with acquainting the teachers with essential tech skills and making them learn the use of technology for teaching and assessments. The course wouldn't only assist teachers to make their remote classrooms interactive but it would also help them embrace technology for their personal and professional development.

The umbrella course would aid you with the ever-lasting knowledge of technology. Interestingly, all the individual courses come along with their own certificates and if you, our soon-to-be a powerhouse teacher takes the full course, you would be awarded the 21-st Century Teacher certificate.

Wanna know what's you would be learning? As precisely I may put forth, Advance Technology for teachers, Integration of Technology, Design Thinking, Remote Teaching, 21st Century Skills, Research and Innovation in Education, Integrating Subjects, Content Creation, Conducting Remote Assessments, and Blended Learning are just a list of a few pointers that would come under the searchlight to lighten our powerhouse, called teachers. `

Technology has changed the world around us. You are reading this blog on your screens, isn't it the simplest and basic example of the development in the ever-growing field of technology? If we look around, there is so much more! For this reason and more, of course, we can't abandon and let go of the craft of learning technology.

As George Couros said, “Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.” It's high time we build a powerhouse of technology in our teachers.

Register today and avail of a discount of 20%. The course would surely prove to be an effective step towards technological enlightenment.

In case of any queries, reach out to our team at

Udisha Srivastav is currently working as a Content Manager with MakeShift.

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