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4 Ways In Which Children Can Make The Best Use of Covid-19 Pandemic

It is not long ago when children were playing in the open playgrounds, meeting their friends in schools, studying together in a class surrounded by a bunch of other students, and going to their friend's homes in the evening, and more. However, straight away, things changed for them drastically. They were cooped-up in their house, surrounded by laptops and mobile screens that blocked their physical access to the old and happening world outside.

While it is tough for children to accommodate themselves in the "new normal" world, parents are also bearing the hardships equally. Their job has become more tedious than ever.

Robert Jenkins, Global Chief of Education at UNICEF has offered a few tips that would help parents to keep their children’s education on track. Here is a list:

  1. Plan A Routine Together

  2. Have Open Conversations

  3. Take Time And Goal For Productive Learning Sessions

  4. Protect Children Online

  5. Stay Connected With Your Children's Education Facility

While these tips give us a broader idea about how parents could ensure that their children are holding their spirits high in terms of seeking education and learning, we must explore a few activities that would result in both productivity and fun.

Enroll In An Online Learning Course

It is transparent that the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the educational and learning environment across the globe. However, in these distressing times, technology has come to our assistance and has opened new and interesting avenues of learning and exploration. While children are getting sufficient time at the comfort of their homes, they may choose to enroll themselves in an online learning course. At present, there is an abundance of platforms that are offering courses that seem to promise the holistic development of children in line with the skills of the 21st century.

If you want to learn more about how you can inculcate the 21st-century skills in your children, check out MakeShift's offerings for children here.

Spend More Time In Reading

One of the most important that perpetually plagues parents is the measure of time children spend in front of the screens. It's also understandable that regular school books might become a cause of boredom for children. Henceforth, it would be a great idea to order a few exciting books for children at home and make them read and learn some new things. Above all, we are living in the world of "new normal", right?

Love Nature: Try Gardening

Don't parents think that their children are alienating themselves from nature? The breezy fresh air of the mornings, spending time in greenery, and a good morning run. Yes?

Help your children to reconnect with nature and explore themselves in an even more beautiful and healthier way. They might learn some gardening and learn the essence of having a blissful lifestyle that connects them to with their inner self.

Learn A New Language

We have to agree: learning a new language is always a hidden bonus. In current times, one can sit at home and explore the cultures and languages of other countries. It's all easy.

It's the 21st century. It means, even if one is equipped with most skills and abilities, it's never too much. Thus, students can have fun trying their hands in a foreign language of their choice and using the same in their daily conversations.

Udisha Srivastav is currently working as a Content Manager with MakeShift.


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