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MakeShift Organizes An Exclusive Session for Parents: Introduction To New National Education Policy

The new National Education Policy 2020 has rolled out a vast floor of opportunities and possibilities. Simply put, the 21st-century world of teaching and learning is set to be more experiential, practical, and added with more fruits in the basket. However, while dwelling on the new National Education Policy, it's important to clear the air of doubts that several stakeholders, especially parents might be holding.

As an effort to popularize the important details of the education policy that will directly influence children, MakeShift organized a virtual interactive session titled Decoding NEP: Impact on Children and their Education for parents on Saturday, 16 January 2021. The session also went live on Facebook. Watch the session here in case you missed it.

The two-hour virtual session commenced at 11 am. In total, for the session, we received the registration of over 100 participants (especially parents) and included teachers and school leaders.

Shedding Light On The NEP

During the session, the topics that were focused upon were, understanding the basics of the NEP 2020, the future of Education in the post-pandemic era, how to make our Children Future-Ready, and discussions surrounding the 21st Century Skills and Children's Future.

The interactive sessions that followed were filled with exchanging thoughts, sharing opinions, working hands-on on varying teaching tools, brainstorming ideas, having discussions about 21st Century Teaching, and how to be NEP ready.

During the session, we took queries of the parents and gave our best efforts to wipe off their concerns. In the end, along with the feedback form, the participants received detailed pointers that would help them to learn about the NEP and means using which they can become the facilitators of their children's education. You can watch the short explanatory videos on Decoding NEP here.

Encouraging Feedback

Arpita Trivedi, from Pune, whose child is giving the Boards, wrote to us via feedback form that she learned about the important details of the NEP, what changes it will bring in education, and being a parent, one should prepare themselves for the change. Arpita has communicated that she is keen to attend a workshop on Cyber Security and Children with us.

"The session was very informative and apt for the need of the hour. These discussions are very much required. I have collected several learning outcomes from the sessions that I keen to apply", said Shashi Kala, a teacher at Bal Bharti School, New Delhi.

The MakeShift team thanks to the parents who put in their valuable efforts and time to catch up with the new developments and happenings in the education fields.

What's For You?

We, at MakeShift, are creating a community for having regular activities and discussions with parents, teachers, and education leaders. If you are keen to join our exclusive group, please click here and click Log In.

If you are a teacher, we have a lot more in store for you! Check out our 21st Century Teachers Club and be at the forefront of change by constantly updating yourself with new developments, upgrading your skills, innovating for your classroom and availing help whenever needed at just Rs. 299 per month.

Take a look at the event report when we organized a hands-on online workshop, 21st Century Teaching, Educational Leadership and Beyond for Principals, Teachers, and Education Leaders.

We are also organizing a Creator's Boot Camp for children of the age group 9-13. The Hands-on live group sessions would be facilitated by Experts. The Bootcamp will help your child to become NEP Ready and identify his/her true potential, build excellent communication skills, and establish their web presence. For important details and registration, check here.

Udisha Srivastav is currently working as a Content Manager with MakeShift.

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